FOREX trading on autopilot.

That's the power of FXIER AutoBots.


FXIER is a Marketplace for proven Foreign Exchange AutoBots

Setup and fund your account then we'll sync your chosen AutoBot to mirror trades.

AutoBot 27 is our highest performing bot yet.
“I’ve been trading for 25 years and I believe I now have the ultimate trading machine”

AutoBot 27 Creator

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Zero Click FOREX Trading

For the PROS, the FXIER Marketplace provides access to diversification. They focus on the big, complex trades while FXIER Autopilots their daily 'boring trades'. FXIER gives you access to the tools that Pro Traders use to autopilot their daily trades based on their years of experience, research and trading styles. Some traders adopt multiple AutoBots to spread their risk across a few 'daily trading' strategies. 


How Profits Are Distributed

FXIER does not own any of the FX Trading Bots on our platform, nor are we a broker. We simply charge a Licensing Fee from any profit that your account generates. This fee goes to the trader who designed the AutoBot (after our Marketplace Fees).

You keep what's left.

Withdraw any profits as often as you like.

If you profit, you have the choice to withdraw your funds or increase your trading balance by leaving them in the account. Your account will recalibrate weekly to take advantage of any additional funds left in there.


To get started..

  • No Minimum Starting Balance

  • No Setup Fees

  • 100% Passive Auto-trading

  • Access Your Money Anytime


You need to understand how FXIER works and ensure you are properly informed on the risks of FOREX trading.


You'll sign an LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney), which approves the broker to pay FXIER the Licensing Fee (Calculated on profit).


Once you have signed the LPOA the broker will setup your trading account and you will fund it with your desired initial trading balance.


We sync your trading account with your AutoBot so your account mirrors it's trades. You can withdraw funds any time to your nominated bank account with 3 working days notice.

Getting Started

4 Great Benefits of FXIER


Funds sit in your own personal trading account meaning they can only be withdrawn to your linked bank account.


The Wholesale Forex Trading Bots sync with your trading account so your account mirrors their trades without any effort by you.


All Forex Trading Bots listed with FXIER have at least 3 years of proven trading figures. Our clients enjoy the benefits of withdrawing any profits they make monthly. 


The freedom to leave any profits in your account to compound and grow your trading balance.



Can I lose more than what is in my Account?

Our recommended broker offers a guarantee to never let you owe them money. The maximum you can lose is your account balance. 

Can I use my own Broker?

For accounts over $100,000 we are happy to setup a relationship with your existing broker however this can cause delays as we are required to become approved with them so that an LPOA can be setup with them to automatically pay our monthly Licensing Fees. ​

Do I still pay fees if I don't profit?

NO... You only pay IF YOU PROFIT; you’ll pay the fee based on your gross return. Our high water line means that if for any reason you lose money in a month, you won’t pay Licensing Fees again until you are back in profit.

Is there a control Panel?

Most broker platforms allow clients to login and manage their balance, see past trades and withdraw funds as required. Clients are in full control of this and only their approved bank account can be used to withdraw funds. This is done for their complete security and so they know that AutoBot developers can't simply steal from their accounts.

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Frequently asked questions

So am I giving my money to FXIER?

No, absolutely not. You will be setting up a Trading Account with an Independant Broker. Your account will be established in your own name. You will need to be identified in order to setup this account. Brokers are licensed providers that setup accounts under their clients' names.

What's stopping you from taking my money?

Once your account is setup, you will link your BANK ACCOUNT to the Trading Account and ONLY THIS ACCOUNT can be used to withdraw funds. This provides you with the protection you require.

Does the Forex Broker run the bot?

No, you are simply creating a Forex Trading Account with the Broker and then you are using that account to sync to the chosen AutoBot from the FXIER Marketplace. You can select how much of your wallet balance you wish to allocate to each FXIER AutoBot.

Who controls the AutoBot?

The AutoBot is built by a professional trader who has been approved by FXIER due to their bot's historical trading performance. FXIER provides access to this AutoBot via your Broker Trading Account.

How many Trading Bots does FXIER have?

We are constantly investigating bot submissions from Professional Traders looking to leverage our client base to make more money from their AutoBots. As we approve bots you will see them appear in your portal and/or be offered them privately (for our super high-net-worth clients)

What is MT4?

MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4, is an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative traders. It was developed by MetaQuotes Software and released in 2005. The software is licensed to foreign exchange brokers who provide the software to their clients. Basically you use this to login and view your results daily, weekly or monthly. Only accounts over 100,000 can use their own broker and see trading in MT4 as with smaller accounts we set you up with a MAM powered broker which means your trades simply mirror the master account. For these small trading accounts you simply login and track results in the Broker Panel.

Can I use my own Forex Broker?

Yes you can however we only allow this for accounts over $100,000. This is because there is a bit of work involved in setting up your broker with our LPOA agreements. Smaller accounts are through our specified broker because they offer a MAM system which is where small accounts can mirror the trades of a master account.

How do I pay the Licensing Fee each month for my FOREX TRADING ACCOUNT?

Your monthly Licensing Fees are paid automatically by the Forex Broker to us at the END of each month. They are calculated based on the trading balance profit in your account.

Can I access my money in the Forex Trading Account and withdraw whenever I like?

Sure can, just give us 3 days notice so we can close out any trades. If you don't do this and simply pull your funds then you risk losing your open trades.

Can you PROVE the 3 year trading history that you mention in your information material.

Yep, we prove it to the Brokers in the form of trading history however you can also check the numbers for yourself by logging into our LIVE MT4 account (We send you this when you download our brochure). In this account you can scroll back to any date and see how your account would have performed if YOU were on the same bot.

How long does it take for my Forex Trading Bot to be live syncing with my account?

From the second you select the Bot in your Broker login it is almost instant. NB: If you use your own broker it can take up to 7 days to get started and you must have at least $100,000 in your trading account.

I have read everything and just want to get started, how do I do this?

Awesome! Just go here: